Sunday, 28 April 2013

Up all Night to Get Lucky

I admit it, I've kind of been burning the candle at both ends over the past few weeks and my body is starting to rebel. It took a battering this weekend with too many cocktails and not enough sleep so I plan to treat it to some TLC and calm down with the drinking for a bit. I just need to stay away from places that sell strawberry Mojitos! I went to a fantastic restaurant/bar with my cousin on Friday night for a well-overdue catch up. The cocktails were very unique and one we shared was served in a popcorn box style cup, with popping candy sprinkled on top (see picture below) The place was called Parlour Bar and it's in Canary Wharf. The food was also delicious and the atmosphere was really good

My neon shirt and stripy skirt are both from missguided in case you were wondering

Last night was supposed to be a quiet drink with one of my oldest friends for her 26th Birthday but it got a bit messy with all the strawberry Mojitos

The outfit of choice was a shirt from Forever 21 (£17) which I wore underneath a monochrome dress from the River Island sale (£15)