Monday, 8 April 2013

April bargains

I thought I'd share my recent buys with you all and hopefully now that the weathers improving I'll get to wear some of them. I have to post all of the pictures together and all of my writing before as I haven't worked out how to do the words, picture, words format on the iPad yet! Does anyone know if this can be done? 
As I mentioned in my previous post, Forever 21 have some amazing Spring pieces in store at the moment. My local is at Westfield Stratford City and I'd definitely recommend a trip there. All of the shirts below are from there and each cost less than £20. The satchel was £25 by LYDC from eBay


  1. The blouse and the bag are gorgeous!
    Definitely will be popping into Forever 21 soon! x

  2. Thanks. I can't wait to go back after payday, ha x