Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wet Weekend

Don't you just love the British Weather? I can't help but think that with the amount of rain we get in the UK it's about time the high street stores came up with some stylish yet waterproof outfits. PVC anyone? Until that time comes I suppose we just have to put up with umbrellas and soggy feet. The rain didn't stop me from meeting two of my best friends for dinner and a gossip on Friday night. At the age of 26 a nice meal is often more appealing then going clubbing so I really enjoyed it

I probably wear my H&M cobalt blue jumper (above) around once a week, especially for work and I love my neon jeans from New Look which were a £10 sale bargain last year. I somehow managed to get a footprint on the back of them on Friday night so I'm praying it comes out in the wash. My necklace is also from New Look


  1. Love these jeans so much! x

  2. Thanks, they're one of my best fashion finds! x

  3. I agree that there's nothing quite like dining out with friends. It's nice to have a proper conversation when you go out instead of shouting over the music in a club. We must be maturing!
    Very brave of you to wear neon jeans but you pull them off well. xx

    1. Haha, exactly! I can't seem to get the footprint out of the jeans. Gutted xx