Sunday, 14 October 2012

Blogger's Block

I don't know about anyone else, but other than the usual outfit posts I struggle to find what to blog about. I like to include pictures in my posts but rarely take pictures of the things I do in my day to day life as they will mostly feature a TV screen showing the X Factor, magazine pages or my usually weekly meal at Nando's. Not very exciting, especially if I post the same photos every week! 

So this post is kind of a two for one; I talk about one of my outfits but also a bit more about what I get up to in my free time. The weather turning cold makes me want to hibernate so as winter sets in my weekends tend to become less eventful. For example, the highlight of yesterday was Saturday night TV and a Chinese takeaway with my boyfriend and his mum and so far today I have cleaned my make-up brushes and applied a peel off face mask. Living on the edge. However, I did actually get out on Friday night for a few drinks over Canary Wharf with some friends I used to work with a few years ago. They're a fun group of people and my cheeks were hurting by the end of the night from laughing so much. Those nights are always the best. 

Here's the important bit; I decided to wear a sleeveless dress from Primark with an embellished collar (I do love an embellished collar) which I paired with my New Look glitter western boots. These are my faves at the moment as they have a small heel to add height to my hobbit frame but they are also very comfortable. 

Here I am with my friend Vicki. I do like a red lipstick and plan to start wearing my shade; Rimmel's 'Alarm' more often as it looks like I'm actually wearing make-up in pictures and like I've made an effort. So that was as eventful as it got this weekend but hopefully during the next one I'll do some shopping and will have some more pictures to post. Now, back to my magazines...


  1. Hehe I have similar "eventful" weekends, today I have gone to the farmer's market and that is it really! the lippie looks lovely on you xx

    1. Haha, sounds like a good weekend to me! Thank you, I definitely plan to wear it more often xx