Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Out with the old, in with the new

I am currently on a Ebay tip as I need to make some money to buy into the new season trends and also add some classic staples to my wardrobe that will last much longer than one season.

Being the fashion victim that I am, in the past I have felt the need to invest too heavily in trends. Why have one floral print dress when you can have 7?
But now the time has come for me to sell these items and make room for some fresh, new pieces in my wardrobe.

Business can be slow. There isn't the greatest demand for second-hand clothing despite the good condition that the items are in and it can hardly be classed as vintage when it's only a year old.
But I am undeterred and will keep listing my items. I'm finding that almost half of what I am listing is selling so it's just a case of being patient.

Most of the clothes are still on trend so if you fancy a bargain log onto Ebay and have a look. My user name is Gud_as_new19c. It isn't easy buying new clothes when you're currently unemployed so I need all the help I can get cash wise

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