Saturday, 19 March 2011

Boyband Chic; the state of current men's fashion on the High Street

Men's High street fashion currently seems to be forming a regular pattern. A boyband shaped pattern.
Shops such as Topman and River Island are full of too-tight T-shirts, Baggy crotch trousers, tops with unusual and unflattering necklines and military boots. Ok if you belong to the Wanted, JLS or One Directon but not as much if your day job is in an office.

Of course, it is a matter of personal taste but I find that the best menswear is made by the more expensive brands. Us girls have the luxury of popping into Primark, New Look or many other bargain shops to pick up an on trend outfit for less than 30 quid but men, it seems don't have this option. Men's budget fashion looks cheap, ill-fitting and plain wrong.

My favourite style on men is the classic, preppy look; jeans or chinos, well-cut T-shirts or polo shirts, baseball jackets and for the evening a smart shirt or a suit. The best brands for these are Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo boss which, unfortunately don't come cheap. If any of you can think of any good value shops and styles for men please comment. I'm sure there are places out there that I haven't thought of.

Therefore it seems that men have a much more difficult job being fashionistas on a budget. H&M, Gap and Uniqlo, however are great for T-shirts and shirts and Gap and Levis are good for jeans. Classic High street items mixed with more high-end pieces I believe is the way forward for men's fashion. And while we're here, men in Ugg boots is just WRONG!

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