Thursday, 25 September 2014

Holiday Looks

Today I arrived home from a nice relaxing 8 day break in Spain where I visited my Grandparents and just chilled out. The warmer weather allowed me to get one last wear out of my favourite summer outfits until next year. Here are my holiday looks...

The sports luxe look is perfect for holidays as it's comfortable and relaxed. I love these orange shorts from Topshop which I teamed with a New Look T-shirt from last summer

This neon coral peplum hem dress is from Topshop and is a great shade for holidays. It's a shame I didn't get much of a tan as it would really make this colour pop

I waited all Summer to wear this floral two piece from Boohoo as I never thought that it looked right and I was carrying too much weight around my stomach to feel confident but now that I'm happy with my figure I decided to brave it and it was actually really comfortable, even a after a huge meal followed by pudding!


  1. It looks like you had a lovely holiday :) Love the outfits especially the neon dress such a lovely colour on you :) xxx

    1. Thanks, just a shame to be back and put up with the UK weather!