Sunday, 10 November 2013

Birthday Brights

So, I thought that this weekend's mega migraine was a one-off. Sadly it wasn't and I was hit with one yesterday which wiped out my Saturday (again) and made me throw up my dinner (nice)
I don't know what's causing them and I can't carry on like this so I need to go back to the doctors as soon as possible. Anyway, I went out for Birthday drinks on Friday night but wasn't really in the mood as I've been so unwell over the past 3 weeks and I felt like I couldn't drink in case that triggers it or makes things worse. Even if I'm not feeling at my best I still like to dress up and make an effort so I wore my new yellow shift dress and jewel necklace from Topshop with cut-out boots from Linzi

I love these dresses; they're a flattering shape, come in a wide choice of colours and the fabric has a bit of stretch in it so they are so comfortable. At £45 they are also fairly reasonable for the quality. My necklace was around £16 and the gems are sewn onto some felt so they stay in place. It has a homemade crafty look which is currently on trend

My friend Rachel gave me a Birthday Girl sash so here I am modelling it. I like how it clashes with, yet complements the colour of my dress!


  1. I love the lime color - it suits you brilliantly and nicely paired with the statement necklace :o). I hope you had a great night! Xx

  2. Gorgeous dress and that necklace is bloody amazing!

    1. Haha, thanks! I need to stop buying statement necklaces now as I'm addicted! x

  3. You look gorgeous, loving the outfit! Hope you had a good birthday xx