Monday, 5 November 2012

Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday but sadly, I am now on the wrong side of 25! My mum and her partner bought me a really nice Nikon Coolpix camera so the quality of my photos should hopefully improve now.
I spent today shopping and lunching with my mum which was lovely and will do a post featuring my purchases very soon.

On Friday I went for birthday drinks with 2 of my very close friends and wore a brocade dress from (around £25) Any excuse to get glammed up!


  1. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the wrong side of 25 club ;) you look gorge! xx

  2. Woop Happy Birthday Chelsey, love your hair in the pics, gorgeous! xx

  3. looking good!!! happy birthday girl!!!! And there's no wrong side of 25. :-)

  4. Again, happy birthday! :) You looked fab! X