Sunday, 17 June 2012

Totally TOWIB

Yesterday I attended the 4th TOWIB event having only just found out about it. (better late than never eh?)
I arrived on my own just as Dr Linda started her speech so I had to stand alone like a lemon until she had finished. She raised some interesting points and sparked debate amongst some of my fellow bloggers. After the speech I managed to find Eloise who I met at the LDN lunch in March and I met Lauren, Stacie, Steph, Katy, Annabel, Beckie, Shelley, Sian and some other lovely ladies on the day. 

The event was a great opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers and chat about fashion, beauty and the blogs we enjoy reading. I'm looking forward to meeting up with all the girls again soon

This is what I decided to wear. Unfortunately, the outfit does emphasis how short I am but it was comfortable and I love the print on the Zara jeans (£30) The top, blazer and necklace are all from H&M and  my shoes were bought years ago from George at Asda

Here are the girls after enjoying a very posh lunch of Mc Donalds!


  1. was so nice seeing you yesterday. Your outfit was special too i really enjoyed it! x x

  2. Was lovely seeing you yesterday and I adored your outfit and how you put it all together! xx

  3. So lovely to see you again! Hope you enjoyed your day! loved your trousers too :) x

  4. Thanks girls! It was lovely to see you all too xx

  5. That necklace is ah-mazing!