Thursday, 17 November 2011

Versace for H&M

This morning I thought I'd brave the crowds and try and get myself a piece of Donatella Versace's collection for H&M. I arrived at the Westfield H&M store at 9.05am and was given a wristband to return at 11.05 for my 10 minute slot. I managed to kill 2 hours in Starbucks, Boots and Forever 21 then queued up for my chance to own a piece of the much hyped collaboration.

When the time came everyone was rushing to grab their items so I quickly grabbed a scarf which was what I planned to buy anyway. I did consider buying a pair of diamant√© leggings but as I'm on a budget it was either those or the scarf so I chose a palm tree and crocodile print silk scarf. I felt that I couldn't pull off most the of items of clothing as I'm not Lady GaGa but I'm sure there are people out there who will wear the prints with pride and incorporate them into their eclectic style.

The print on the scarf transports me to a tropical paradise but it is so versatile and will brighten up any outfit.

I couldn't fit the whole print in so I had to fold it in half but the print is the same as what is on the shopping bag. The scarf cost £25 which is reasonable for a silk Versace piece.

I might even keep the wristband as a souvenir! 

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  1. Nice!!! I left going into the stores a bit late because I was going to try online shopping! Seems like you had the right idea. And its pretty good that you didnt have to stand in the queue for two hours!