Saturday, 9 February 2013

Zebra Crossing

I think I may be getting a bit obsessed with the black and white stripe trend. Last night to celebrate my friend's birthday I went for a bold black and white striped bodycon dress from H&M (£20)
I had compliments from some girls and beetlejuice and zebra crossing comments from some boys!
It's one of those looks that not everyone will love but I'm definitely a fan

Last weekend I also went for a wander around Greenwich with my boyfriend and had a look around the Royal Maritime Museum. I was moaning at first as museums aren't really my thing but my boyfriend wanted to attempt to give me a bit of culture! It was actually quite interesting and I really liked the stained glass windows so had to take a picture. In the photo below I'm on my way to Greenwich wearing my new mint green jumper


  1. Looking cute! :) X

  2. Thank you! Hope you're having a nice trip x

  3. I love this dress, but I can't pull off bodycon. :( It looks great on your figure. xx


    1. Thanks, I find tights help hold me in! I'm sure you'd get away with bodycon xx

  4. Such a gorgeous dress! You are so pretty

    A little bit Unique


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  5. Love your dress and such a bargain at £20 x